Featured image: Team members including Mallory and Sherpas at a rest stop on Everest, J.B Noel 1922

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The golden age of expeditionary films - Professor Ian Christie

[In-person and online] The 1920s saw filmmaker-explorers bringing polar exploration, mountaineering and ethnography to the masses, with major film companies backing feature-length dramas. Ian will survey this surprisingly popular and controversial new genre.

Everest on film: scientific endeavour meets media culture - Dr Jan Faull

[Online and in-person] Join Jan for an illustrated talk discussing the production, technology and presentation of films made on successive Everest expeditions between 1922 and 1953. 

Recording the first Everest expeditions

[Online and in-person] The centenary of the first Everest expeditions gives us an opportunity to reflect on the role of local knowledge and resources that facilitated the climbs and how the expeditions were documented and recorded.

It’s not about the view - Tori James

[Online and in-person] Have you ever wondered what it is like to stand on the summit of Mount Everest? What does it take to get to the top?