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Join us for the new RGS Expedition and fieldwork festival, celebrating with eight days of events and workshops focusing on field science and travelling with purpose, and culminating in EXPLORE, the Society’s flagship expeditions planning weekend.

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Going to extremes: climbing Mount Everest to measure the weather - Dr Tom Matthews

[In-person and online] Hear why the climate at the roof of the world matters so much, from the team that just installed a weather station on top of Everest.

Vertical exploration - Leo Houlding

[In-person] The story of Leo's month-long expedition to summit the sacred Mount Roraima, a mountain found deep in the Guyana jungle.

Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance: destruction and discovery - Dr Mensun Bound

[Postponed] On 5 March 2022, the Endurance was found beneath Weddell Sea ice. The semi-intact hull and excellent preservation surprised many. In this lecture, Mensun explains the findings on the seabed.