£95 Standard

£85 RGS-IBG members


Please contact for more information about the weekend or to apply for student and group discounts. 

Refunds are available, if requested, up to 28 days before the event and will incur a 20% administration fee.

Bookings made after 16 October will incur a 20% surcharge. 

Event photography: Ewan Harvey

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Field journals and sketching in nature workshop

(In-person) Keeping a field notebook can both deepen our connections to the natural world and help us learn more about it. This workshop will introduce the tools and processes of keeping a nature journal.

The art of exploration

[Online and in-person] Join our panel as they discuss how exploring, studying and drawing what they observe deepens their connections to, and inspires conservation of, the natural world. Part of the Explore festival. 

Overcoming adversity through adventure

[In-person] Three men attempted to become the first unsupported, all disabled team to cross Europe’s biggest ice cap to demonstrate how people can overcome the challenges of a catastrophic injury through adventure. Part of the Explore festival.  

Explore 2023: the expedition and fieldwork symposium

With over 90 leading field scientists and explorers, our expedition and fieldwork planning weekend is unmissable for anyone wanting inspiration, advice or contacts for their own project.

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Home fronts of climate change - Professor Rob Wilby

[In-person and online] Floods, wildfires and heat are among various climate threats to homes. Professor Rob Wilby shares evidence of growing impacts and explores ethical concerns around researching the home fronts of climate change. 

Poverty in Britain

[Online and in-person] By unraveling spatial and socio-economic disparities in Britain, our panel will provide both an in-depth analysis of poverty in the 21st century as well as a discussion as to how it may be solved sustainably. 

Colonial entanglements in Jordan’s nature reserves - Dr Olivia Mason

[In-person] An insight into expeditions to Jordan during the 1960s by UK-based ornithologists, conservationists and biologists, to set up nature reserves there. Part of the Explore festival.

A Level study day – morning session

[In-person] Join us for a study day, where A Level students will benefit from a series of sessions led by experts that focus on areas of the KS5 curriculum.