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This event is recognised by the Society as being suitable professional development for Chartered Geographer and may also be suitable for other professional accreditations.

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Rivers over rock: potholes and their significance for natural and cultural heritage

[Online] Drawing on examples of river potholes from across Wales and farther afield, this talk will combine science, art, history and culture with landscape and underwater photography to provide fresh perspectives on these fascinating elements of our planet’s riverine landscapes.

Instruments of exploration? British steamships on the Niger, Euphrates, and Indus Rivers, 1832-1838 - Professor Charles W. J. Withers

[In-person] This illustrated lecture will consider the steamship as an instrument of exploration, the nature of expeditionary failure and why, in this period, these and other rivers were so central to geographical and political concerns.

Explore 2023: the expedition and fieldwork symposium

With over 90 leading field scientists and explorers, our expedition and fieldwork planning weekend is unmissable for anyone wanting inspiration, advice or contacts for their own project.

Careers outside of academia

[Online] This webinar will look at how to transition from postgraduate research to working in a variety of different sectors.