A Level study day - Year 12

This study day gives Year 12 students the opportunity to improve their subject knowledge, receive useful examination technique guidance and learn more about 'thinking like a geographer'.

Erebus, The Story of a Ship - Michael Palin

Balloted Monday night lecture. Michael Palin will retrace the history of HMS Erebus and her crew; from the part it played in Ross' Antarctic expedition of 1839-43, to its abandonment during Franklin's ill-fated Arctic expedition.

Are we wearing out the planet?

Join us to discuss the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry and possible solutions.

Be Inspired: The expeditions and legacy of Sir Frederick Lugard

Rory O'Grady tells the extraordinary story of Sir Frederick Lugard, the soldier, anti-slavery activist, adventurer and explorer who became the first Governor-General of Nigeria and a Governor of Hong Kong.