Human cognition: developments in navigation - Jeremy Morley and Professor Kate Jeffery

Recent neuroscience research has explored how the brain represents details of places and navigation - but how is that linked to how we navigate in the real world?

Southampton: gateway to the world - Andy Skinner

For well over 2,000 years, Southampton has played host to soldiers, travellers, merchants and emigrants. Join Andy from SeaCity Museum for a whistle-stop discovery of this remarkable history and the stories of people who called it home.

Impacts of 1.5ºC of warming on coastal and marine system - Dr Sally Brown

One of the lead authors of the IPCC October 2018 report chapter on ‘Impacts on Natural and Human Systems’, Sally will speak on the impacts of 1.5°C of warming on coastal and marine areas, particularly in the South of England.

A night of geopolitics - Professor Danny Dorling and Professor Klaus Dodds

Danny will be talking about inequality and what Brexit teaches us about the British, whilst Klaus will be asking "who owns the Arctic?"