Other events you may be interested in

Portraits of No Man’s Land - Dr Alasdair Pinkerton and Dr Noam Leshem

POSTPONED: No man’s lands are proliferating in today's turbulent world. Using digital archives and immersive technology, Alasdair and Noam explore the stories of places that remain locked behind barbed wire and minefields.

Smart and sustainable cities in the era of big data - Dr Philip James

Spatial big data, generated from in-situ sensors, connected autonomous vehicles, phones and people has the potential to revolutionise the way we understand and make decisions in our cities. 

Delivering multiple co-benefits in Blue-Green Cities

Explore the benefits of and barriers to blue-green cities in this discussion forum for professionals, policy-makers and researchers working on flood resilience and urban development.

Chartered Geographer networking event

A networking evening for all Chartered Geographers, and other professionals using geography in the workplace.