Other events you may be interested in

Running South America with my husband and other animals - Katharine Lowrie

Running marathons day after day, sleeping by the side of the road and presenting to remote schools. Ecologist and Ex-Exonian, Katharine will recount this world-first expedition and the people and wildlife she met along the way. 

Can humanity meet the challenge of climate change? James Dyke

The Earth's climate has always changed, but humans have, in the context of geological timescales, produced near instantaneous planetary-scale disruption.

Image credit: James Dyke

Rapid deglaciation in west Antarctica: drivers and impacts - Professor James Scourse

A talk illustrated by stunning photographs and video footage of the ongoing ICEBERGS project led by Professor James Scourse in collaboration with the British Antarctic Survey and UK and Chilean university groups.

Scrambles amongst the Alps - Andrew Thompson

Why did people in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries become fascinated by high mountains which had previously been regarded as desolate wastelands?