Monday night supper - 13 January 2020

Stay for supper at the Society after Where physical and digital worlds collide, a lecture given by Paul Clarke CBE, and meet other members and their guests.

Other events you may be interested in

Where physical and digital worlds collide - Paul Clarke CBE

The age of the smart mobile machine is upon us. Paul will explore the intersection between artificial intelligence, robots and their environments, and implications for our country and our planet.

Wilding: the return of the British farm - Isabella Tree

Isabella tells the story of a daring rewilding experiment at Knepp Estate in West Sussex, showing how a wilder countryside can benefit farming, nature and us.

What fate for the ice sheets? - Dr Tamsin Edwards

Greenland and Antarctica are distant, unfamiliar places. We hear of giant icebergs breaking away, glaciers crumbling: but how much we do know about the fate of these great ice sheets?

The journey of the mask - Chris Rainer

Chris Rainier has spent thirty years exploring masks of the world. Chris will explain the meaning behind mask rituals and why humans have worn masks since the dawn of civilization.