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Apply to give a Microlecture

We welcome applications from interested Fellows, members and prospective new members who wish to speak at the 2021 microlectures evening. Please apply in accordance with the guidelines and read the full document as it contains detailed information on the process.

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Evaluating like a geographer

[Online] A session focused on the evaluative demands posed by geography assessment objectives, and strategies for developing students' evaluative capabilities. Please note that this event is for teachers. 

The argument for a wilder and more resilient planet - Kristine Tompkins

[Online] Kristine speaks of her personal experience working in Chile and Argentina to restore damaged ecosystems and bring back native species, and the moral imperative we all have to stand up for nature.

Being the first woman - Jacki Hill-Murphy

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Dragon’s blood and desert roses: the island of Socotra - Hilary Bradt and Janice Booth

[Online] Learn more about Socotra, a Yemeni Island off the coasts of Arabia and Africa, which is like a fantasy film set with its pink rocks, chubby desert roses and dragon’s blood trees like giant mushrooms.