Featured Image: Tiago Rosado @tiagorosado/Unsplash

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John Forrest: the British Empire and the ‘Empty Spaces’ of the World - Robert Fletcher and Tui Raven

[Online] In 1874, John Forrest led an expedition on a 2,700 mile crossing of Australia’s Western Desert. This lecture re-examines the expedition from the perspective of those through whose country it passed, and its place in British imperial history.


Working with the world – the British Museum in the 21st century - Hartwig Fischer

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Antarctic Atlas: maps and graphics that tell the story of a continent - Dr Peter Fretwell

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Journey of the mask - Chris Rainier

[Online] Chris Rainier has spent thirty years exploring masks of the world. Chris will explain the meaning behind mask rituals and why humans have worn masks since the dawn of civilization.