Featured image: Simon Dell

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Tropical forests and planet Earth: a macroscope view - Professor Yadvinder Mahli

[In-person and Online] The key environmental challenges of our times are to stabilise our climate system and reverse the decline of biodiversity. Yadvinder will explore the role of tropical forests in addressing both.

Africa is not a country: breaking the stereotypes of modern Africa - Dipo Faloyin

[In-person] Dipo presents a portrait of modern Africa that pushes back against harmful stereotypes to tell a more comprehensive story.


Placements during your postgraduate studies: how and why?

[Online] This webinar will introduce placements outside of academia, offering insights on how to set up and make the most of a placement.

Mapping Rapa Nui: the hidden histories of exploration - Dr Sarah L. Evans

[In-person and online] This talk will uncover the hidden histories of this early archaeological expedition to Rapa Nui (Easter Island).