This event is recognised by the Society as being suitable professional development for Chartered Geographer and may also be suitable for other professional accreditations.

Featured image: Drew Collins

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Monday night lecture supper

[In-person] Stay for supper at the Society after the Informing action: Esmond Bradley Martin’s legacy in tackling the illegal wildlife trade lecture and meet other members and their guests.

Labour in the lofty peaks: porters in the Everest expeditions (1921 - 1938) - Nokmedemla Lemtur

[In-person and online] Through the Society's Mount Everest collection, this talk recounts the contribution of the porters in the mountaineering expeditions, and explores the possibilities of how a history of their participation can be drawn out through such archival materials.

How can we tackle the climate and biodiversity crises?

[Online and in-person] To mark Lisa Roet’s installation of David Greybeard the chimpanzee on the Royal Albert Hall which highlights the epoch of the anthropocene and its impact on mass extinction of species, join our panel as we discuss solutions to sustaining nature and people together.

Visit to EDF Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station

[In-person] An opportunity to join a guided tour of the Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station and consider the role of nuclear in the future of energy generation in the UK.