Featured image: Evgeny Nelmin

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Professional insights: Starting a new role?

[Online] This webinar will hear from professionals who share their tips on how to make the most of a new role, whether you are starting your first job, moving teams or joining a new organisation.

RGS-IBG Expedition medicine training

[Cancelled] This Remote Medical Responder course is for those undertaking expeditions to parts of the world where medical help is not readily available. Organised in association with Endeadour Medical Training.

Adventure in the Andes: the life cycle biodiversity bike ride - Kate Rawles

[In-person] Kate Rawles cycled the length of South America following the spine of the Andes – the longest mountain chain in the world – on Woody, a bamboo bike she built herself. The aim of her largely solo ‘adventure plus’ ride was to explore and champion biodiversity - what it is, why it matters, what’s happening to it and above all, what can be done to protect it.

Soils in North West Syria: unseen casualty of war - Dr Jonathan Bridge

[In-person] A team of exiled Syrian academics has produced the first regional survey of soil geochemistry in North West Syria, highlighting the environmental crisis caused by war.