Out of Thin Air film screening

Private view of exhibition and first screening of Out of Thin Air documentary film by Jack Hextall.

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Getting to net-zero: What can nature do? - Professor Gideon Henderson

The UK’s climate change targets commit the country to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Getting there will mean some big changes to agriculture and land-use. DEFRA’s Chief Scientific Adviser explains how this can be done.

‘FT for schools’ talk and workshop for teachers

The Society and the FT are offering geography teachers a rare opportunity to visit the FT’s headquarters to learn more about the FT for schools programme.

Thin Ice - Tim Jarvis

Having retraced Shackleton’s 1916 survival journey, Tim explains how South Georgia’s glacial melt over the past 100 years has confirmed the importance of Shackletonian leadership in tackling climate change and given rise to his VR project ‘Thin Ice’.

Forbidden travel

Join us for an evening of armchair travel as we transport ourselves to unusual destinations that are now off limits to tourists.