Other events you may be interested in

Off-site safety management

[Cancelled] A must for those involved in planned visits in the UK or overseas, this course looks at the safety management issues involved in planning, managing and evaluating local visits, fieldtrips, residentials and exchanges.

Digital transformation through geography and GIS - Adrian Friend CGeog (GIS)

[Cancelled] An exploration of the transformative power of geography to unlock huge potential in public and private organisations across the UK, realising the potential of geospatial data for the UK economy.

Nature writing book club: Dancing with bees

[Cancelled] Join us as we discuss Brigit Strawbridge Howard's passionate dive into the world of bees of all stripes.  

Why this, why now? Thoughtful curriculum development in KS3 Geography and History

[Cancelled] An in depth look at the Key Stage Three curriculum for History and Geography, thinking about what you’re teaching, when you’re teaching it and why.