Unearthing hidden secrets from the ocean mud - Dr Fabienne Marret-Davies

[Cancelled] Looking into the past helps us understand our current and future situation. The talk will focus on how well-preserved palaeoceanographic indicators have helped to refine understanding of past climates, including resolving the Noah’s flood debate.

The Rochdale Nine - Mike Redfern

[Cancelled] A 1.5 mile guided walk through Manchester along the Rochdale Canal from Piccadilly to Castlefield, discovering the history, the architecture and the personalities of the world’s first industrial city.

It's the end of the world as we know it - Matt Winning

[Cancelled] A comedy lecture about how we cope with climate change and what we can do about it, from the environmental researcher and comedian, Dr Matt Winning.

Clough Head and Wainwright - Tim Foster

Join Tim Foster and the Wainwright Society for this ascent and circuit of Clough Head,