Monday night supper- 4 May 2020

[Cancelled] Stay for supper at the Society after Thin Ice, a lecture given by Tim Jarvis, and meet other members and their guests.

Other events you may be interested in

Communities, conservation and sustainable travel in Africa - Sue Watt

[Cancelled] An award winning travel writer specialising in Africa,  takes us on a journey across the continent’s sub-Saharan regions to show how vital sustainable tourism can be for the people and wildlife of these countries.

Thin Ice - Tim Jarvis

[Cancelled] Having retraced Shackleton’s 1916 survival journey, Tim explains how South Georgia’s glacial melt over the past 100 years has confirmed the importance of Shackletonian leadership in tackling climate change and given rise to his VR project ‘Thin Ice’.

No place like home - Professor Joe Smith

[Cancelled] Humanity’s tenure on Earth has had very far-reaching consequences. Joe charts the past, present and future of environmental ideas and actions to help find a way through these difficult times.

Digital transformation through geography and GIS - Adrian Friend CGeog (GIS)

[Cancelled] An exploration of the transformative power of geography to unlock huge potential in public and private organisations across the UK, realising the potential of geospatial data for the UK economy.