Featured image: Everaldo Coelho/Unsplash

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The Foghorn's Lament: book club

[Online] Part memoir, part travelogue, part history of the foghorn: a uniquely ambitious new kind of nature book. Join us for an informal discussion as we delve into this fascinating book. 

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The Foghorn's Lament: panel discussion

[Online] Join us for a panel discussion around Jennifer Lucy Allan’s new book The Foghorn’s Lament: The Disappearing Music of the Coast.

Supporting testing and vaccinating Liverpool’s communities: professional geographer discussion session

[Online] Following the talk given by Dr Mark Green on how geospatial information was key for guiding and communicating decisions responding to COVID-19 in Liverpool, this event is an opportunity for a detailed discussion on the topic.

Please note: rescheduled to 1pm, Thursday 20 May

The roaring 20s?

[Online]  Are we heading towards a post-pandemic boom period? Join us on GeoNight when we ask our panel of geographers to discuss the role of geography as as we recover from the pandemic.

The Nightingale: book club

[Online] Join us for an informal discussion as we delve into this new book which reveals in beautiful detail the bird's song, habitat, characteristics and migration patterns, as well as the environmental issues that threaten its livelihood.