Featured image: Quintin Lake

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Disaster Relief: SARAID experiences from Haiti to Beirut - Rob Davis

[Online] Rob will talk on his work with SARAID, a British search and rescue charity, which responds to both national and international major incidents.

The state of nature – and why should we even care? - Dr Mark Wright

[Online] In this Covid-19 world there has been a renewed interest in looking at our relationship with nature. This talk will explore what is the real state of nature and what underpins the significant changes we are seeing. Mark Wright is the Director of Science at WWF-UK.

Scrambles amongst the Alps: mountaineering in the 18th and 19th centuries - Andrew Thompson

[Cancelled] Why did people in the 18th and 19th centuries become fascinated by high mountains which had previously been regarded as desolate wastelands? What drove them, and especially the English, to risk their lives on perilous first ascents of unclimbed summits?

A landscape partnership, what do they look like in the landscape? - Keith Tomkins

This walk will look at the Sheffield Lakeland Project. You will be able to see physical work on the ground together with hearing about (and possibly seeing) how other ‘community’ based initiatives link to these ‘capital’ works.