Featured image: Benjamin Elliot @benelliot/ Unsplash

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[Online] Discover how projects like UKFall are tracking fireballs to recover meteorites, providing new insights into our solar system's history.

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Biogeomorphology of wetlands in the drylands of southern Africa - Professor Michael Grenfell

[Online] Biota in the seasonal wetlands of southern Africa have developed adaptations to the cyclicity of constraint and opportunity. In this talk, we’ll explore patterns of ‘bumpy’ relief moderated by these biota that are  fundamentally important to understanding water and particulate distributions, biogeochemical cycling, and ecosystem structure and function at landscape scale.

Romantic ruins, poisonous past - Vivienne Crow

Whilst Gunnerside Gill looks idyllic, it’s not always been so peaceful. Explore the lead mining history, the poisonous processes, and look at the legacy left behind by this once-deadly industry.