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How can humans notice the subtle but fundamental processes of climate change? This online event will be the third in a series of free events across 2024 in which we will examine from a range of perspectives how people are striving to make climate change intelligible to human senses and cognitive processes. Our series of events examines how scientists, artists and others find ways to detect and narrate changes in the realms of ice, water and heat. For our third session we will concentrate upon the ways in which we detect and experience climate change’s heat effects. Hosted by the Sheffield Hallam University Space & Place Group in conjunction with the Royal Geographical Society (Yorkshire and North East regional committee), this series of events will foster an exploratory, interdisciplinary conversation and we very much welcome participation from all disciplines.

About the speakers

The Sheffield Hallam University ‘Space and Place’ Group has been forging interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations around the making, use, management and change of places at a variety of scales for over a decade. The focus of our place and space scholarship is particularly aligned with the perception and experience of place and how these affect liveability and pragmatic and performative engagements with spaces. Focal themes for group collaborative events have included: the nature of ‘home’; the experience of urban change; infrastructure; contemporary exploration and perceptions of climate change.

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This event has been organised by the Yorkshire and North East committee  with Sheffield Hallam University Space and Place Group.

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13 June 2024, 7.00pm-9.30pm

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