We’re resourceful, adaptable and the smartest thing this planet has ever seen. We got ourselves into this mess but can we get ourselves out of it?

Presenter Tom Heap

Zero carbon farm

Can British farmers transform themselves into carbon-cutting heroes?

Bamboo is better

Fast growing bamboo could be a powerful climate ally.

Cutting the cow burps

Cattle emit huge quantities of planet-warming methane. But they can be stopped!

Logging for good

How to cut down trees for timber without harming the planet?

Slippery ships

How to make ships more carbon-efficient?

Steel without the fossil fuels

Steel-making is a huge emitter of carbon dioxide. Is green steel a genuine possibility?


There's a lot of carbon locked up in the peatlands of Britain and Ireland. Can we keep it there and even return drained bogs to life, sucking more carbon dioxide from the air?

Polluter pays

Should the price of a litre of petrol include the cost of the carbon clean up?

Ocean farmers

Meet the Newfoundland fisherman with a tasty plan to cut the carbon.

The Chill Hunters

Meet the fearless investigators hunting down planet-destroying gases.

Phenomenal photosynthesis

Can we improve nature's engine room - the amazing process of photosynthesis?

The legal fight

Is it better to take to the courts than take to the trees?

Siberian rewilding

How trees and fluffy snow are the bad guys when it comes to climate change in Siberia.

More power from the sun

Solar energy is cheap and clean, but it could be better.

Chilling food

A fresh way to keep food cool and cut food waste.

Robots of the wind

Meet the robots that can keep the turbines of Britain's offshore wind industry turning.

Educating and empowering girls

How ensuring girls get a full education can help fight climate change.

Sublime seagrass

Can underwater seagrass meadows make a comeback to reduce our carbon?

Wood for good

The global possibilities of cities built of wood.

Super rice

Discover the secret of low-carbon rice.


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