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Apply now for the Neville Shulman Challenge Award 2022

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Neville Shulman Challenge Award, established for the Society by Neville Shulman CBE FRGS.

To weigh the Earth: lessons from east Greenland

Richard Phillips leads a month-long traverse across tough ground, a journey of exploration and science that leads his students to reinterpret their sense of place.

Sidetracked magazine features foreword from Society Director

This month’s issue of Sidetracked magazine features a foreword from Society Director Professor Joe Smith.

Ian Coady - Geospatial Advisor

Ian Coady is a Geospatial Advisor for the Department for International Development.

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Reflecting on 100 years of Everest expeditions

To mark the centenary of the first European expeditions to Mount Everest in the early 1920s, the Society is exploring and reflecting on the context, depiction, and legacy of these early expeditions.

Zero carbon Sheffield: the challenge of 2030 - John Grant

Sheffield City Council has declared a climate emergency and has established a plan to become zero carbon by 2030. What are the challenges it faces in achieving this ambitious target?

Shepherd and bestselling author James speaks about farming life in the Lake District fells, why historic farmed landscapes matter and are loved by people, and how they might survive in the future.

1+3 model for postgraduate funding

Our response evaluates the 1+3 model in general, and highlights inflexible quota allocations and limited options for quantitative training as discipline-specific issues.