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Join the Chartered Geographer Application Accelerator this autumn

Eligible to apply for Chartered Geographer and want to accelerate your application? Find out more about our Application Accelerator series this October.

Author Grant Gordon sailed over 55,000 nautical miles rounding Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope. Louise Adventure records the stories of the people, places and events that shaped this round-the-world odyssey.

Frederick Soddy Schools Award

The Society is delighted to announce a new grant scheme to support school fieldwork and expeditions.

Independent Rose Review of Primary Curriculum

Our response to the review of the curriculum advocates for the explicit inclusion of geography in named areas of understanding, and of geographical knowledge in the curriculum.

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12 books to read this festive season

This festive season, we asked Society Director, Professor Joe Smith, about what books he’ll be reading over the winter break.

New report: I didn’t have any teachers that looked like me

The Society has published a new report, I didn’t have any teachers that looked like me, which highlights the experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) geography teachers while studying and teaching the discipline.

Natural Resources Wales

Student and HE/graduate placements with Natural Resources Wales.

Building our industrial strategy

Our response to the green paper on industrial strategy pays particular attention to the role of social sciences in developing skills, and the need for a geographical/spatial basis to regional development planning.