Electric Dreams? The role of transport electrification in delivering a low carbon society

[Cancelled] Focusing on road transport, this talk will consider the potential reductions in carbon emissions associated with a mass transition to electric vehicles and its emerging challenges.

Circular economy: sustainability implications of a social transformation

[Online and in-person] This conference aims to open discussion into the implications for sustainability of the development of a circular economy.

Making space for nature - Brian Bleese

[Online] Brian will discuss priorities and opportunities for rewilding and nature recovery networks to limit the impact of climate change.


Explaining COP26: the debrief from the climate conference - Asher Minns

[In-person] Asher Minns, a climate communicator from the Tyndall Centre, will enlighten us on the outcomes of COP26, and some possibilities and implications for our region. 

Featured image: Paul/Adobe Stock

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