Teach with GIS – getting started with ArcGIS Online at York St John University

[In-person] This CPD event is for teachers with little or no previous GIS experience.

Heart of Arabia: 1,300km journey across Arabia in the footsteps of explorer Harry St John Philby

[In-person and online] Two expeditions, 105 years apart. Explorer Mark Evans and Harry St John Philby’s granddaughter, Reem Philby, share the challenges of crossing the Arabian Desert in 28 days and reflect on Philby’s 1917 expedition.  

Maths for teachers of A Level geography: Teaching averages and variation

[Online] Join us for our online sessions for geography teachers who wish to build their confidence in teaching the mathematical content of A Level geography.

In the footsteps of one of Ireland’s greatest film maker, Brian Desmond Hurst - Allan Smyth

[Postponed] Allan Smyth plots the travels of a man described as the Quentin Tarantino of the 1940s. From Belfast to Gallipoli, Paris to Hollywood and back, travelling with director John Ford, Hurst directed over 30 films, over four decades across three continents.

An evening with Wainwright - Chris Butterfield

[In person] Join us at the Blencathra Centre on the southern slope of one of Wainright's favourite mountains for an evening of discussion, books and memorabilia with dedicated archivist Chris Butterfield.

Apply for grants to support your research

[Online] How do you secure funding to support your postgraduate research? This webinar will examine how to find and secure grants to support your research. 

China: a harmonious society? - Sarah Maude

[In-person] Sarah's presentation looks at the concept of social harmony in China, which dates back to Confucius and which is a priority for Xi Jinping.

The art of exploration

[Online and in-person] Join our panel as they discuss how exploring, studying and drawing what they observe deepens their connections to, and inspires conservation of, the natural world. Part of the Explore festival. 

Field journals and sketching in nature workshop

(In-person) Keeping a field notebook can both deepen our connections to the natural world and help us learn more about it. This workshop will introduce the tools and processes of keeping a nature journal.

Explore 2023: the expedition and fieldwork symposium

With over 90 leading field scientists and explorers, our expedition and fieldwork planning weekend is unmissable for anyone wanting inspiration, advice or contacts for their own project.

Navigating the Great Spine of Africa - Dr Steve Boyes

[In-person and online] The Great Spine of Africa expeditions work with community members and multidisciplinary teams to traverse thousands of kilometres of rivers never scientifically documented. Part of the Explore festival. 

New members' welcome tour

[In-person] Recent joiners are warmly invited to join us at the Society in London to discover more about the history of the Society, who we are today and how to make the most of their membership.  

Chartered Geographer assessor forum

[In-person and online] Members of the Chartered Geographer Assessors Committees are invited to attend the forum to discuss best practice, feedback and their perspectives regarding professional accreditation and assessing.

SILA: exploring Inuit culture and sustainability

[In-person] The artists Susie Hamilton, Naja Abelsen and Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin discuss their exhibition which explores Inuit culture, environmental concerns, and the Arctic expeditions undertaken by their forefathers in Greenland.

EVC update workshop - 22 November 2023

[In-person] This course gives trained EVCs the opportunity to revalidate while looking at current issues and sharing good practice.

A Level study day – morning session

[In-person] Join us for a study day, where A Level students will benefit from a series of sessions led by experts that focus on areas of the KS5 curriculum.

Tipping points in lakes

[In-person and online] Lake pollution has profound impacts on ecological structure, function, and overall biodiversity. How and why do lakes tip into polluted states, and how easily can they recover?  

Maths for teachers of A Level geography: Maths and the NEA

[Online] Join us for our online sessions for geography teachers who wish to build their confidence in teaching the mathematical content of A Level geography.

Earth Photo: Grizedale Forest

[In-person] See a stunning selection of the shortlisted still and moving images from this year's Earth Photo competition. 

Maths for teachers of A Level geography: Spearman's rank and correlation

[Online] Join us for our online sessions for geography teachers who wish to build their confidence in teaching the mathematical content of A Level geography.

Featured image: Paul/Adobe Stock

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