Featured image: Party’s Over by Aennor Bleu (2019)

<i>Dryland Farming, Study 1</i> by Yi Sun (2019)

Dryland Farming, Study 1 by Yi Sun (2019)

<i>Dryland Farming, Study 7</i> by Yi Sun (2019)

Dryland Farming, Study 7 by Yi Sun (2019)


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Sophie Bartlett

Flora Sample (2019)

Sophie Bartlett is an emerging environmental artist concerned with pollution in the environment, especially that which has been a product of or resulting from mass tourism. As well as documenting the effects that environmental issues have on us today, she also creates work which speculates on the dystopian futures we face, if these issues aren't resolved. She is currently on an artistic residency in Cusco, Peru.

Flora Sample is from a series of photographs which sample the most resilient aspects of nature. 150 feet underground, without sunlight, flora grows under lamp light in developed cave systems. In a future dystopian reality with light, water and air pollution deadly for humans, some flora must survive.




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