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Touring Britain in the 1950s: the adventures of postcolonial Indian travellers

[In-person and online] This story of the adventures of two Indian travellers on a road trip round Britain in 1955 reveals how their touristic desires and itineraries were influenced by, and challenged, colonialism.

Wounded Tigris: a river journey through the cradle of civilisation

[In-person and online] A source-to-sea journey along the Tigris, through the birthplace of civilisation in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, investigating the environmental and geopolitical challenges that threaten the future of this once-great river. 

Lakes: sentinels of climate change - Dr Iestyn Woolway

[In-person] Using historical and modelled lake temperature data, Dr Woolway looks at when typical sprint spring or autumn conditions occur in lakes worldwide, to show exactly how much seasons have shifted around the world.

Jihadi exploitation of the Arabic poetic tradition

[In-person and online] What drives militant jihadis to compose poetry? This talk seeks to reveal why and how Arabic poetry is deployed as a weapon by groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS.