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Be inspired: Lucy Atkinson: one of the greats in the pantheon of travellers - Nick Fielding

[In-person] Learn more about one of the greatest women explorers of all time, Lucy Atkinson, who travelled on horseback over 40,000 miles in some of the most remote and hostile regions of Central Asia and Siberia.

Be inspired: Animals in the Royal Geographical Society’s archives - Dr Catherine Oliver

[Online] Drawing on research in Wiley Digital Archives, Catherine’s talk explores the contributions of animals to geographical knowledge and the traces they have left in the Society’s Collections.

Be inspired: Geraldine Rendel’s trans-Arabian journey in 1937 - William Facey

[Cancelled] Hear from William Facey discussing Geraldine Rendel, the first non-Muslim European woman to travel openly in Saudi Arabia.

Be inspired: Airmindedness redux: growing tourism and worldliness through aeromobility in Africa

[Online] Dr Bradley Rink’s will discuss how archival marginalia such as inflight magazines and other travel paraphernalia from the dawn of the jet-age in Africa were used to promote intra-African and global tourism.