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Teaching 'hopeful geographies' in an age of crises - Dr Emma Mawdsley

[Online and in-person] How can we engage with 'hopeful geographies'? Emma Mawdsley argues that Geography degrees must actively promote teaching and learning about the many different ways of thinking about and acting on 'hope'.

May’s issue of Geographical out now

This month's issue of Geographical takes a closer look at child labour in the tobacco industry. 

Vanuatu: in search of female chiefs – Sophie Hollingsworth

Sophie travelled to the South Pacific archipelago and lived with the Ngowtari (female leaders) to study their unique powers, jurisdiction and ceremonies. She reflects on what we can learn from a matrilineal society.

COVID-19 and access to testing in Liverpool

Dr Mark Green created this visualisation showing the accessibility of COVID-19 asymptomatic testing sites in Liverpool in November 2020.