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Philip Ashworth: Cuthbert Peek Award 2021

We caught up with Professor Phil Ashworth, recipient of the Cuthbert Peek Award for his pioneering research methods through modelling of river dynamics, to discuss his career, greatest achievement, and most memorable fieldwork moments.

Wiley Research Fellowships: Rick Mitcham and Fred Morton

This month we caught up with Rick Mitcham and Fred Morton to find out more about their projects as part of the Wiley Digital Archive Research Fellowship.

Isabella Tree: Ness Award 2021

We caught up with Isabella Tree, recipient of the Ness Award, to discuss the importance of rewilding, changing attitudes to conservation and her advice for getting involved in this work.

Grants programme supports 32 field projects

With the generous support of our donors, we have allocated over £91,000 of funding this year to support 32 field research projects.