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Lakes: sentinels of climate change - Dr Iestyn Woolway

[In-person] Using historical and modelled lake temperature data, Dr Woolway looks at when typical sprint spring or autumn conditions occur in lakes worldwide, to show exactly how much seasons have shifted around the world.

There’s more to a Dragon than meets the eye: the Wales Coast Path

Along 870 miles of Welsh shores, Zoe Langley-Wathen reshapes her view of the country, and despite the moods of the Dragon, becomes the first woman to walk the route.

Migrants on the margins team to present at AC2019

Members of the Migrants on the margins team will be presenting their research in a session at this year’s Annual International Conference.

TAWAI: Voices from the forest - Bruce Parry

BAFTA award winner Bruce talks about his four-year journey among indigenous peoples across the world – from Borneo to India and the Amazon - exploring their wisdom and inner feeling of connections to nature.