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Creating disaster: analysing the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes - Professor Ilan Kelman

As horrifically shown in the recent Türkiye-Syria earthquake disaster, humanity has the knowledge available to avoid catastrophe and sometimes it is not applied.

Earth Photo shortlist announced

A shortlist of 50 of the best environmental photographs and five films that document the Earth in all its diversity, have been selected for the Society’s Earth Photo competition.

Be Inspired: Kalli on the ship - Peter Martin

This lecture examines the circumstances surrounding the abduction of Kallihirua, a member of the Inughuit community of Northern Greenland who was visited by the crew of the Assistance during the 1850–51 Franklin Search Expedition. 

In the archive and the art of transcription - Innes Keighren

Part of the Historical Geography Research Group (HGRG) series of teaching and learning resources.