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Geographical lates: COP25 climate talks

Get face-to-face with experts through our talks, debates, panel discussions and roundtables, and embrace some Chilean culture.

Super-volcano eruptions and the future volcanic threat - Professor Bill McGuire

The 1815 Tambora eruption was the largest of modern times, but pales into insignificance in comparison with the biggest of all volcanic blasts. These so-called super-eruptions have the potential to have a catastrophic impact on our civilisation. 

Origins: how the Earth made us

Ahead of his regional theatre tour around the UK later this summer, we caught up with author, presenter and Professor of Science Communication at the University of Westminster, Professor Lewis Dartnell to discuss his new book Origins: how the Earth made us.

Standing up for river science: paddle boarding the Thames - Michelle Ellison and Mel Joe

Paddle boarding the length of the Thames, Michelle and Mel tested the water quality, raising awareness about the health of the river and inspiring others to give paddle boarding a go.