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From tangibility to obscurity? Understanding our changing relationship with home heating in Europe

[Online] This talk will explore how heating transitions have played out in the everyday lives of 'ordinary' people across place and time, and how they have made societal, economic, cultural and political change manifest in the heart of the home.

Hire our venue for your events in 2021

Are you planning events for 2021 and looking for a venue? The Society is an iconic venue that offers event organisers state-of-the-art audiovisual broadcast and recording facilities to deliver their events online.

Seaside pleasure piers are unique heritage assets and flagship tourism attractions at Britain’s coastal resorts, but piers are increasingly under threat. 

Webinars for Chartered Geographer applicants

If you’re thinking about applying for Chartered Geographer (CGeog) status, you can now get support through a new series of webinars.