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The Spanish and Mexican origins of Texas cattle ranching - Professor William Doolittle

[Online] The history of the Texas cowboy extends back through the of marshes of eastern Mexico to the marshes of southern Spain.


Play and the city - Professor Alison Stenning

[Online] Alison Stenning is a social geographer with a particular interest in everyday and emotional geographies, and in the relationships we build with our streets and neighbourhoods.

Invasive aliens: the plants and animals from over there that are over here - Dan Eatherley

[In-person] Our coutryside is filled with grey squirrels and parakeets, snowdrops and pheasants, rhododendrons and rabbits, none of which are indigenous to Britain.

Sunday stroll, lunch and social

[In-person] Join us for a short guided walk in Leamington Spa, informal lunch and social, followed by geographical chat. Drop in for a short time or stay longer!