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Louise Adventure: around-the-world sailing odyssey - Grant Gordon

[Online] Author Grant Gordon sailed over 55,000 nautical miles rounding Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope. Louise Adventure records the stories of the people, places and events that shaped this round-the-world odyssey.

Plant exploration today - Neil Porteous

[In-person] An account of the travels of plant nut from Melbourne to Mandalay.

Around the world in 30 years: a diplomat’s journey - Andrew Heyn

[In-person] Andrew will reflect on his distinguished diplomatic career in the UK Foreign Office from 1989 to 2020, and discuss how foreign policy has been carried out in this period of dramatic geopolitical change.

The Sami people and natural history of Lapland - Kevin Hand

[In-person] The East of England regional committee's end of term and Christmas gathering is a wildlife and natural history study of the Sami people in the Arctic Circle.