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Be inspired: Dr Edward Wilson: Antarctic explorer and Scott’s confidant and friend - Isobel Williams

[In-person] A look at the life of ornithologist, natural historian, physician and artist Edward Wilson, who ultimately perished with Scott after reaching the South Pole in 1912.

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Be inspired: Isabella Bird: Britain’s fearless Victorian adventurer, and her magic lantern slides

Jacki recreates Isabella Bird's lecture on Western China using her original magic lantern slides, and discusses her solo world travels.

Be Inspired: Airmindedness redux: growing tourism and worldliness through aeromobility in Africa

Drawing on research in Wiley Digital Archives, Dr Bradley Rink’s talk discusses how archival marginalia such as inflight magazines and other travel paraphernalia from the dawn of the jet-age in Africa were used to promote intra-African and global tourism.

Be Inspired: The Cape of Flowers: a forgotten corner of the Portuguese Empire - Cliff Pereira

In this talk, Cliff will explore Luso-Asian cultural legacies in the Cape of Flowers.

This lecture introduces the life of travel writer and photographer Eric Newby and the times in which he lived, following the recent donation of his archives to the Society.