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Upcoming Monday night lecture

Visit to EDF Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station

[In-person] An opportunity to join a guided tour of the Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station and consider the role of nuclear in the future of energy generation in the UK.

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As the cost of energy and energy security concerns increase in the UK, our panel will consider the role energy plays in the economic development of the world’s major emerging economies and other developing countries. 

Helvellyn: chronic illness in the mountains

Anisah Barber conquers her long held fears and internalised ableism to hike her first mountain. She lives with lupus, which challenges her experience and impacts her physically in the weeks after.

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A look at the background to the British attempts to climb Mount Everest in the 1920s and at the expeditions of 1921, 1922 and 1924. Illustrated by archives, artefacts and photographs from the Collections of the Society.