Featured image: Henry Chamberlain

Upcoming regional event

Pocketbooks, cairns and carrier pigeons: polar postal systems - Nancy Campbell

[In-person] Nancy Campbell explores textual practice in the north, and considers how contemporary readers salvage and interpret these, often fragmentary, documents.

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This talk presents findings from the ASSIST research project. Starting from a geological perspective and issues of spatial proximity and sense place, the project also incorporates insights and methods from psychology and computer science.

Two Frogs - Andy Dickson

Andy Dickson is a triathlete with a passion for the Lake District, the UK’s most visited national park. In 2020 he set himself the challenge of tackling two iconic ultra-endurance journeys - the Frog Graham and Frog Whitton - through the mountains, valleys and lakes of this celebrated landscape, becoming the first person ever to complete both.

Reaching for the Poles: the South Pole - Eugene Rae

From Phipps to Fiennes: a look at some of the explorers who tried to reach the North or South Poles and some who tried to do both.

A guided virtual walk full of fascinating context and history, led by Dick Bateman.