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Glaciation of Dartmoor - Professor Stephan Harrison

[In-person] Drawing on his work on modern plateau ice caps, local fieldwork and computer modelling, Stephan discusses evidence which he believes shows that Dartmoor was glaciated during the last Ice Age.

Seaham Garden Village and the Dawdon Minewater Treatment Scheme - Charlotte Adams

[In-person] A guided visit to the construction site of Seaham Garden Village, the first large scale mine energy district heating scheme in the UK.

Psychogeography, imaginative spaces and English seaside towns - Dr Tom Sykes and Dr Louis Netter

[In-person] Tom Sykes and Louis Netter’s book, Coast of Teeth, examines seaside towns in an age of austerity and climate change.

GIS for fieldwork and the NEA at Edge Hill University

[In-person] This workshop for secondary school geography teachers, led by Esri UK, will provide an insight into using ArcGIS for fieldwork and the NEA.