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Navigating our way towards a plastic-free ocean – Sally Earthrowl

[In-person] Living in Indonesia, Sally saw first-hand the devastating impact of plastic pollution and was propelled to take action. Sally will share her tales of discovery, from scientific research at sea to the upstream solutions on land, and how all of us have a part to play in tackling this global issue.

Jan Morris and the 1953 Mount Everest expedition - Paul Clements

[In-person] In an illustrated talk, Paul Clements recounts the excitement of the adventure almost 70 years ago which saw Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay become the first two mountaineers to stand on the summit of Everest.

Applying for postdoctoral fellowships

[Online] This webinar offers advice for postgraduate researchers about the process of applying for a postdoctoral fellowship and how to increase your chances of getting one.

Communicating your research: Writing your first monograph

[Online] This webinar will offer insights on the publishing process, such as selecting a publisher, writing a book proposal, preparing the manuscript and promoting the book.