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A history of Polperro, as revealed by artists - David Tovey

[Online] Learn how artists' depictions of the housing, harbour-scape and cliff setting of Polperro provides a history of its transition.

A new dawn for the energy transition - Sally Worbey

[In-person] Lithium is key in the transition to clean energy, given its role in electric vehicles and renewable energy grid storage.

How melting ice will affect people in the (near) future - Dr Rob Storrar

[Online] Tea-time hot topics series. Rob Storrar is a glaciologist who studies the dynamics and legacy of glacier retreat. In this talk, he introduces the implications of ice melt for global populations.


Pocketbooks, cairns and carrier pigeons: polar postal systems - Nancy Campbell

[In-person] Nancy Campbell explores textual practice in the north, and considers how contemporary readers salvage and interpret these, often fragmentary, documents.