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AONBs: how they address current environmental concerns - Simon Amstutz

[Online] Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are havens for wildlife and are designated national areas of importance. In this talk, we will learn of the management of two such areas: Dedham Vale and Suffolk Coast and Heaths.

Atlantification of the Arctic Ocean - Professor Tom Rippeth

[Online] Learn more about the increasing role of heat from the Atlantic Ocean in melting Arctic Ocean sea ice and the potential impacts on the UK.

Scrambles amongst the Alps: Early mountaineering ventures - Andrew Thompson

[In-person] Why did people of the 18th and 19th centuries become fascinated by high mountains which had previously been regarded as wastelands?

Mobile games in the great outdoors - Mike Hawkyard

[In-person] Geolocation games are encouraging people around the world to get outside. Go on an exploration with Mike Hawkyard, Ordnance Survey’s new Head of Mobile Games, to see what’s out there!