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Upcoming Monday night lecture...

Lava lore: chasing volcanoes - Clive Oppenheimer

[In-person and online] Clive’s lecture will offer personal, cultural and historical perspectives on volcanoes, touching on their diverse activity, means of monitoring, and the societal impacts of Earth’s largest eruptions. 

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A discussion with the writer Joanna Kafarowski about her book, The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame. A Life of Louise Arner Boyd.

Tim Nutbeam explains the extreme logistical and psychological challenges he and his team overcame to rescue a team member who suffered severe internal bleeding at the remote Halley Research Station in Antarctica.

In 1969 four men successfully completed the first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean, led by Sir Wally Herbert. On the 50th anniversary of this exceptional achievement, Kari tells their story.

High street regeneration: place-making and changing spaces - Dr Steve Millington

Declining retail poses fundamental questions to the future of places where we live, work and socialise. How have these places been managed so far - and how can geographers envisage brighter futures for their development?