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Music and environmental activism - Sarah Smout

[In-person] An evening of music and conversation with cellist Sarah Smout: poetry, travel and environmental activism. 

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An overview of the unprecedented 2021 Geldingadalir eruption, Iceland - Dr Oliver Lamb

This talk gives an overview of the Geldingadalir fissure eruption in SW Iceland, which began in March 2021 - the first such eruption in the area for 800 years.

The Internet, Covid-19 and Brexit: the retail impact - Professor David McEvoy

Retail geography in Britain has changed constantly throughout history, but the triple impacts of the internet, Covid-19 and Brexit threaten unprecedented change, possibly irreversible.

Ocean plastics and lessons from life at sea - Emily Penn

In this episode of Geography now, ocean advocate and skipper Emily Penn joins us to discuss her recent expedition to raise awareness of the ocean plastic problem, a new platform to help us find solutions, and what we can learn from living at sea.

A hard day's light: racing the sun across Hadrian's Wall - Jamie Rutherford

Can Jamie Rutherford follow the wall and run the width of England before the sun sets?