Featured image: Leighton Smith @pioneermedia/Unsplash

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AONBs: how they address current environmental concerns - Simon Amstutz

[Online] Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are havens for wildlife and are designated national areas of importance. In this talk, we will learn of the management of two such areas: Dedham Vale and Suffolk Coast and Heaths.

West with the Light, my life in nature - Brian Jackman

[Online] The autobiography sheds light on Jackman’s lifelong love of nature, instilled by childhood holidays and the stories that led to his passion for Africa and the big cats that still enthral him.

How is Antarctica changing and why should we care? - Professor Martin Siegert

[Online] Professor Siegert will discuss how we know the Antarctic ice sheet is reacting to climate change and what it means for the UK.

Members' and Fellows' Christmas quiz - South Regional Committee

[Online] As the year draws to an end, join the South Committee for a festive online get-together and test your geography knowledge in our Christmas Quiz!