Upcoming Monday night lecture

Latitude: the astonishing adventure that saved the world - Nicholas Crane

[In-person] The story of longitude has captivated millions, but who measured latitude? Hear the story of the world’s first international scientific expedition, an extraordinary saga of surveying, mountaineering and murder set in equatorial South America.

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Claire will discuss how nature conservation efforts need to respond to the global biodiversity loss emergency and the positive steps we all can take to make a difference.

Creative approaches to race and in/security in the Caribbean and the UK - Dr Patricia Noxolo

Pat discusses her one-year engagement project. CARICUK challenges Geography educators, at all levels, to think differently about race.

Indigenous approaches to climate change: traditional knowledge and modern solutions - Kiliii Yüyan

Photographer Kiliii Yüyan illuminates stories of the Arctic and human communities connected to the land. Informed by ancestry that is both Nanai/Hèzhé (East Asian Indigenous) and Chinese-American, he explores the human relationship to the natural world from different cultural perspectives.

A hard day's light: racing the sun across Hadrian's Wall - Jamie Rutherford

Can Jamie Rutherford follow the wall and run the width of England before the sun sets?