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Social justice and pandemic borders - Dr Susan Mains

[Online] This talk examines the role of convergent media in representing and challenging borders, mobilities and UK government immigration policies. 

Play and the city - Professor Alison Stenning

[Online] Alison Stenning is a social geographer with a particular interest in everyday and emotional geographies, and in the relationships we build with our streets and neighbourhoods.

Trading with the Dragon: China in Africa - Gillian Miller

[In-person] As global resources dwindle, Gill will discuss the ‘how, who, what and where’ of Chinese investment in Africa and the nuances of investment versus exploitation.

Why geography is crucial to understanding the sinking of the Mary Rose in 1545 - Dr Dominic Fontana

[In-person] This talk explains how and why local geographical factors were crucial in influencing a battle which determined the fate of the English crown and the subsequent history of the nation.