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RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference 2023

[In-person] The Mid-Term Conference seeks to take a snapshot of the exciting and important research being undertaken by postgraduate geographers on novel topics and in diverse contexts. 

The Great Barrier Reef expedition 1928-1929: birth of modern coral reef science

[In-person and online] Hear from Professor Tom Spencer, Professor Barbara Brown and Dr Sarah Hamylton on the world’s first major expedition on a coral reef, which engaged with themes that resonate with today’s geographers: underwater adventure, gender equality, climate change and a scientific legacy that lives on.

Annual General Meeting

[Online and in-person] Our AGM is an opportunity to learn about the Society’s achievements over the past year and goals for the future, as well as to elect new Council members.

How can we tackle the climate and biodiversity crises?

[Online and in-person] To mark Lisa Roet’s installation of David Greybeard the chimpanzee on the Royal Albert Hall which highlights the epoch of the anthropocene and its impact on mass extinction of species, join our panel as we discuss solutions to sustaining nature and people together.