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Urban hope - Andy Lester

[Online] Over three quarters of the UK population live in towns and cities, which are increasingly seen as vital areas for the future of nature. Is there good reason to believe that greening our built landscape will result in a better climate, greater biodiversity and improved mental and physical health?

The Midgard Viking Expedition: the search for intelligent life in earth - Bjørn Heyardahl

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Regional innovation systems within a transitional context - Dr Wenying Fu

[Online] What does innovation look like under state control? Dr Wenying Fu explores the state-market nexus using case studies from the electronics industry in China.

Andean bears and people: coexistence through poverty reduction

[Online] Discover how bears and people coexist in the Interandean dry forests of Bolivia through the themes of changing attitudes and perceptions, increasing tolerances, and finding economic alternatives to livestock.