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Upcoming regional event

Latitude: the astonishing adventure that saved the world - Nicholas Crane

[In-person] The story of longitude has captivated millions, but who measured latitude? Hear the story of the world’s first international scientific expedition, an extraordinary saga of surveying, mountaineering and murder set in equatorial South America.

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Paul Clements delves into the Shannon heartland on a foot-stepping quest to recreate the trip of Richard Hayward 80 years earlier.

A panel featuring contributors to the Geography Directions blog discussing latest geographical research on the economic impacts of COVID-19, with a particular focus on food supply.

We explore how a brief UV-B burst, during a climatic warming interval, collapsed the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary terrestrial ecosystem.

Food security and sustainability in post-conflict Freetown - Professor Tony Binns

Drawing on four decades of research in West Africa, Tony Binns explores the crucial role of urban agriculture in post-conflict Sierra Leone.