Other Microlectures

From Kenya to the Arctic, our changing world - Dr Samuel Derbyshire and Dr Isla Myers-Smith

From pastoralist communities in the remote Turkana region of northern Kenya to the tundra ecosystems of the Canadian Arctic, Sam and Isla explore our changing world through Society funded fieldwork.

Can a small charity make a big difference? - Lynda Evans

The talk will highlight small charities working in international development to support the Sustainable Development Goals, in areas such as girl's education, women's economic empowerment, food security and advocacy for safe communities.

The Sustainable Development Goals: ambition or fantasy? – Linden Edgell

Linden considers whether the Sustainable Development Goals offer a realistic roadmap for the future of our planet. Are they a unifying call or a random wish list?

The journeys of young Lawrence: from Oxford to Arabia – Anthony Sattin

Anthony follows young T.E. Lawrence on the series of extraordinary journeys across Europe and the Middle East that transformed him from the bright but troubled second son of an Oxford-based family into Lawrence of Arabia.