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Upcoming regional event

Lundy Island day trip

[In-person] Join our day trip to Lundy Island on MS Oldenburg and guided tours of the Island.

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Will the climate crisis make us more vulnerable to hazards? - Dr Natasha Dowey

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Through a wild lens – Toby Strong

[In-person] Over the last 25 years Toby Strong has travelled across every continent as a multi Emmy and Bafta winning wildlife cameraman. As someone who has seen the beauty of this world but also its demise, Toby cares very deeply and this talk will be full of passion, extraordinary tales, humour, and heart.

Can disused mines heat our future? - Dr Charlotte Adams

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Logan Trail and East Leake 10 miles walk

[In-person] Join us for a 10-mile countryside walk in the South Nottinghamshire Wolds taking in the Cuckoo Bush, Portway and Logan Trail.