Featured image: Badr Zahrani

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Teaching geography internationally

 [Online] In this session Chris Hoare will discuss what teaching geography internationally is really like. 

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'Lost’ in Papua New Guinea - Benedict Allen

Benedict Allen’s expedition created headlines worldwide when he disappeared. In this talk, he considers the Papuan perspective - and what it really means to be an ‘explorer’ today.

Stop talking about migration and start discussing inequality - Professor Heaven Crawley

The Director of the world’s largest migration research project argues that inequality should be central to our thinking about migration and how inequality is an important analytical tool for understanding migration processes and outcomes.

Chasing fire – Dr Thomas Smith

Through sharing his experiences of chasing wildfires accross four continents, Thomas will explore the science of 'pyrogeography' and what it can tell us about the drivers and impacts of environmental change.

Fear and fishing in West Papua – Will Millard

After a decade of work in West Papua, BBC presenter and journalist Will Millard was diagnosed with PTSD. This talk details both his work and trauma, and describes how a love for water has helped him recover.